Martin Reformed Church Library Welcomes You!



We are very fortunate at Martin Reformed to have a well established library.  The library is an important part of the church program.  It exists to serve and meet the needs of the total church family.

It provides information, inspiration, and recreation conducive to personal growth.  As part of the Education Ministry of the church, the library has materials available that are useful in the teaching program of the church and home.  Its materials enable a person to gain understanding of the Bible and Christian faith.


The library offers books, reference materials, videos, CD’s, DVD’s, and a world globe available for your use.


The library is located on the upper level near the Friendship Area.


The library is open for use on a self-serve basis whenever the church is open.  All materials, except videos, are checked out using the card system.  Videos can be checked out by using the video sign-out notebook.  The librarians are usually in attendance following the morning worship service.


Non-fiction books are shelved according to subject, using the Dewey Decimal System which most libraries use.  Christian fiction books are subcategorized as the following:  Allegory, Amish, Bible Fiction, Futuristic, Contemporary/General, Historical, Novella, Romance, Suspense and Western.  Children, Junior, and Teen books are shelved alphabetically in their various sections by author.  When looking for specific materials, the card catalog with author and subject cards arranged alphabetically will be helpful.


Most materials may be borrowed for three weeks.  Videos, tapes, and DVD’s are lent for one week.  Exceptions to meet particular needs may be made by the librarians.


Fines are not charged for overdue materials, but borrowers are encouraged to return them on time.  Payment for lost books, videos, CD’s or DVD’s is not required but is encouraged.


There are two locations to return library media:  the “Book Return” slot located just inside the library or another “Book Return” slot located in the hallway.


At the present, the Library Committee members are Kelly Jager, Deb Leep, Chris Pancoast, Barb Schipper, Laurel Schipper, Leona Schipper, and Sharon Sikkema.  We will be happy to serve you in any way possible.  Please feel free to ask for assistance.


The library collection has been enhanced by memorial gifts, personal donations, and support through the General Fund.  We appreciate these contributions very much!  We are so blessed!  Please contact the library staff for more information if you wish to help in this way.



If you are a shut-in, please let us know of your wishes and we will prepare a book bag and deliver it to you.


The library has some large print books and DVD’s to interest you.


Reading promotional are scheduled throughout the year.  Please refer to the MRC MESSENGER library page for dates and times.