Our Faith Mission Money in Action......

Lakeshore Pregnancy Center succeeded in getting it's new mobile medical unit on the road.  This unit will enable women to receive an ultrasound and pregnancy counseling for a possible unplanned pregnancy.  Both of these might otherwise be unavailable to her, depending on her hometown area and living situation.  Experience proves that the ultrasound, and viewing the fetus is the most valuable tool in helping a mom choose life.  A dedication to celebrate the beginning of this minstry took place recently in Holland and the love of Jesus is definitely a big part of the message presented. 

The people of MRC are to be commended for helping make this dream become a reality.  Through our fummer Faith Promise Offerings, we were able to donate $3,000 for this worthy cause.  "THANK YOU!"  Lives will be saved because of you!!!  Please continue your support of this bold move by praying for God's grace and blessings.