About Us


In 1842, a Presbyterian Church was formed in Martin, but then on July 24, 1923, the church reorganized and officially became the Martin Reformed Church, a congregation of the Reformed Church in America.  33 members were received by letter of transfer and eleven by profession of faith.  A consistory of three elders and three deacons was formed and communion was first served on August 17, 1923.

Through the years, the church grew and improvements were made to the original building dating back to 1871.  During the late 1930’s a basement was added; in 1946 an organ and rest rooms were installed.  By 1948, the congregation numbered 60 families with 129 communicant members.  On June 6, 1971, the church moved to the building that it still uses today, and then in the late 1990’s, a large addition was added to accommodate both church and community functions.

Throughout its history, the church has undergone many changes.  The buildings have changed, people have changed, eleven pastors have served and moved on.  But one thing has always remained the same.  We are people saved by grace.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ was our hope back in 1923 and it still is today.


To reach and equip people, inside and outside the church, with the life changing message of Jesus Christ.


To live as a child of God in the family of God

  • Celebrating victory in Jesus personally
  • Cultivating new life in Christ daily
  • Caring for one another intentionally
  • Communicating God’s Good News lovingly